Uitgeverij Peeters


Peeters is an international publishing house based in Leuven/Louvain, Belgium and established in 1857. It has since published some 4000 titles while each year about 150 new titles and 60 journals appear, both in print and online. Peeters was set up to serve the academic world by printing and publishing books in English, French, German and Dutch. Its major publication list contains books in theology, philosophy, ethics, classical studies, archaeology, history of art, medieval studies, oriental studies, linguistics and literature. Peeters really contributes to the advancement of scholarship using its excellent network of scholarly relations throughout the academic world. Peeters publishes original research as well as bibliographic data, reviews and reference material. It is standard practice for each publication to be supervised by an editorial board which ensures high quality standards, based on independent reports. Throughout its history Peeters has been closely associated with printing and has always been known for its high professional quality and its very broad range of fonts.

(Overgenomen van de webstek)

  • ALBERIGO (RED.) G., History of Vatican II. 4: Church as Communion (Third Period and Intersession, sept. 1964-sept. 1965)
  • BAERT E.A. B., Decapitation and Sacrifice. Saint John’s Head in Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Tekst, Object, Medium.
  • BOONE H., Dansmelodieën uit de Vlaamse volksmuziektraditie.
  • BOWEN K.L., Marian Pilgrimage Sites in Brabant.
  • BREMMER & J.R. VEENSTRA (RED.) J.N., The Metamorphosis of Magic from Late Antiquity to the Early Modern Period
  • BREMMER, K. DEKKER & D.F. JOHNSON R.H., Rome and the North. The Early Reception of Gregory the Great in Germanic Europe
  • CURRIE C. e.a. (ed.), The Bruegel Success Story
  • DE DIJN H., Grensovergangen: Over geesteswetenschap, universitair beleid en samenleving.
  • DE JONGE E.A. K., Gotiek in het hertogdom Brabant.
  • G. SANTING E.A. (RED.) C., Blood-Symbol-Liquid.
  • GELNER G., William of Saint-Amour: De periculis novissimorum temporum.
  • GIELIS G., Het zevende jaar. Processies in de regio Maas-Rijn.
  • HARRINGTON M., A Thirteenth-Century Textbook of Mystical Theology at the University of Paris (Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations, 4)
  • JANSEN & C. CEULEMANS J., Inventaris van het kunstpatrimonium van de norbertijnenabdij van Tongerlo. Deel 1
  • JOHNSON J., Bonaventure, On the Eucharist (Commentary on the Sentences, Book IV, dist. 8-13).
  • KEMPENEERS E.A. P., De Vlaamse waternamen. Verklarend en geïllustreerd woordenboek.
  • MANEGOLD VAN LAUTENBACH , Liber contra Wolfelmum (Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations
  • MCEVOY J., Mystical Theology: The Glosses by Thomas Gallus and the Commentary of Robert Grossteste on De Mysica Theologia (Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations, 3)
  • MIETH E.A. D., Meister Eckhart in Paris and Strasbourg.
  • MOMMAERS P., Schrijfster-begijn-mystica
  • OF GHENT H., Henry of Ghent’s Summa: The Questions on God’s Existence and Essence (articles 21-24), Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations, 5
  • PAPY (RED.) J., Erasmus’ droom. Het Leuvense Collegium Trilingue, 1517-1797.
  • ROELANTS N., Voetsporen van devotie. Processies in Vlaams-Brabant.
  • SCHOTSMANS & T. MEULENBERGS P., Euthanasia and Palliative Care in the Low Countries, Ethical Perspectives Monograph Series, 3
  • THIJS A.K.L., Komt pelgrims, komt hier. Devotioneel drukwerk voor bedevaartplaatsen in Vlaanderen en Brabant (1500-1850).
  • TRAILL D. e.a. (ed.), Education of Nuns, Feast of Fools, Letters of Love: Medieval Religious Life in Twelfth-Century Lyric Anthologies from Regensburg, Ripoll, and Chartres
  • VAN HIPPO A., Over de Drie-eenheid